The Law Offices of Jon L. Norinsberg has received extensive media coverage, with many of our cases appearing prominently in local New York newspapers and on local television news stations. In addition, Jon Norinsberg himself has been the subject of a front page news article in the New York Law Journal. Below are some of the cases which Mr. Norinsberg has handled that have received local news coverage:

  • Judge Approves $75M Settlement of NYPD Summonses Class Action Suit … click here to read more. 

  • Norinsberg Represents Female Construction Worker: Article in the NY Post … click here to read more.

  • Circuit upholds $4.7 million judgment and announces important new legal precedent: A federal appeals court has upheld a $4.7 million jury verdict against two former officials in the Medicaid fraud unit of the state Attorney General’s office who were accused of presenting false evidence to a grand jury.
    A unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held Friday that John Fusto, a former special assistant attorney general and Jose Castillo, an investigator, were not entitled to the qualified immunity afforded prosecutor—and that the verdict was proper even though the falsification took the form of omissions rather than affirmatively untruthful statements.
  • Dr. Leonard Morse, a dentist for 30 years in Park Slope Brooklyn, was charged in 2006 with billing more than $1 million to Medicaid for procedures he did not perform. A 2007 bench trial before state Supreme Court Justice John Walsh resulted in an acquittal after the testimony of three former patients did not substantiate the charges.
    • Circuit Affirms Verdict Against Former Medicaid AG (New York Law Journal ~ September 14, 2015)
    • Circuit Affirms $4.7 Million Verdict for Dr. Leonard Morse Against Former NY Medicaid AG (Texas Dentists for Medicaid Reform ~ September 13, 2015)

7/16/14: Proof that hard work pays off! In 2013, Mr. Norinsberg obtained two verdicts that made the New York Law Journal’s list of top verdicts in the entire State of New York. In fact, both the Guzman and Morse verdicts made the top five list of all government verdicts for the State of New York for the year of 2013.

  • Rodriguez v. City of New York, et. al.: Bronx man spends 2 ½ years wrongly behind bars because detective had vendetta against him. (New York Daily News ~ Sunday, August 9, 2015)
  • Parker, et. al., v. City of New York, et. al.: 4 private investigators falsely arrested because of a “cheating spouse” case gone wrong. (New York Daily News ~ Tuesday, August 4, 2015)
    • Guzman: Noel Jackson Guzman, 27, said he was watching a fight in February 2009 when Officer Brian Jay threw him down and kicked him. Guzman said the kick ripped ligaments and damaged a nerve, leaving him with a permanent condition known as ‘foot drop.’
      • Man wins $2.5 million in lawsuit against NYPD cops over using excessive force. (Daily News ~ December 19, 2013)
      • Man Is Granted $2.4 Million for False Arrest and Beating by Police (The New York Times ~ December 18, 2013)
    • Morse v. Spitzer: A highly successful dentist with an excellent reputation and a stellar thirty-year career is suddenly accused of stealing over a million dollars from Medicaid. The arrest and prosecution are driven by Eliot Spitzer, whose political opponents have labeled him weak on Medicaid Fraud and who seeks to use the arrest of Dr. Morse to show how “tough” he is in handling such cases. The case ends in a complete vindication for Dr. Morse, with the trial judge acquitting him of all criminal charges. Nevertheless, Dr. Morse’s career as a dentist, and his personal reputation, have been permanently damaged as a result of Spitzer’s politically motivated and utterly baseless prosecution.
      • Dentist targeted by Eliot Spitzer for Medicaid fraud will get his $75 million suit to a jury (Daily News ~ April 2, 2011)
      • Dentist smeared in Spitzer Medicaid fraud witchhunt wins $7.7 million from former governor’s staff (Daily News ~ February 12, 2013)
    • Bertuglia v. Port Authority: A highly successful business owner running a company of over 3,000 employees is suddenly accused of stealing money from the Port Authority. The charges prove to be completely baseless, and the case is thrown out – not once, but twice – by the same judge. But the damage is already done. The company loses millions of dollars and is forced to shut down, resulting in thirty years of hard work and first-rate service going down the drain.
      • Company owner cleared of Port Authority $200K fleecing files $200M suit for malicious prosecution (Daily News ~ March 2011)
    • Stanczyk v. City of New York: A woman who is out walking her dog the day after Thanksgiving is brutally beaten by the police for refusing to pick up another dog’s waste, leaving visible bruise marks all over her face and body. The story is featured prominently in the New York Daily News.
      • Cops hit me cuz I didn’t pick up dog poo! (Daily News Article)
      • Queens woman plans to file suite after she says cops beat her beause she didn’t pick up dog poo (Daily News ~ Dec. 8, 2010)
      • NYPD Internal Affairs will probe alleged dog-doo ‘beating’ of woman (Daily News ~ Dec. 9, 2010)
  • Baez v. JetBlue: A high-powered executive is falsely accused of making a bomb threat at JFK airport by a disgruntled gate agent, resulting in Ms. Baez’s arrest and prosecution. The bomb threat charges are later dropped, but the damage to Ms. Baez’s reputation is permanent.
    • Flier’s $50M Suit: Jetblue Dropped Bomp on Me (New York Post ~ April 2009)
  • Adams v. City of New York: A volunteer basketball coach and employee of the New York City Board of Education is suddenly arrested while he is serving as a juror on a a Kings County grand jury. The story of his arrest and subsequent lawsuit are covered by the local media. All charges are eventually dismissed, but the damage to his career and reputation is permanent.
    • NY Man Seeks $2M for Grand-Jury False Arrest (Westlaw ~ May 2011)
  • Stamile v. City of New York: A Grievance Officer employed at the Nassau County Jail repeatedly molests and sexually assaults women under in his supervision. The story of his arrest and prosecution receives extensive coverage in the local news.
    • Inmates to Sue Nassau in Sex Abuse Case (Newsday ~ February 27, 2010)
    • Systemic Sexual Abuse Alleged in Prison (Courthouse News Service ~ June 15, 2010)
  • Jovanovic: A brilliant young molecular biologist with no prior criminal history is suddenly accused of raping and torturing an undergraduate student at Barnard College. The arrest sets off a media firestorm, resulting in a deluge of highly inflammatory and grossly prejudicial media coverage. All charges against Dr. Jovanovic are eventually dismissed, but not until after he has served 20 months in jail and had his reputation severely damaged.
    • Noted Sex Crimes Figure Linda Fairstein Tapped for Rape Case Role (Daily News ~ January 22, 2009)
    • Sicko-Sex Rap Nixed, He Sues (October 29, 2004)